Coronavirus is continuing its spread across the world. Here, we would like to show our sincere appreciation and thank you to all of healthcare workers, who devote themselves, fighting on the front line against the coronavirus. Please accept our deepest sympathies to people who have died from the coronavirus during the pandemic. Bless people, suffering from the coronavirus to have early recovery.

Non-Contact AI Body Heat Sensing System



OPEARTOR FREE Temperature Detection

Tacking to the public health threat, temperature detection plays a crucial role, in slowing down the spread of the coronavirus outbreak in our community. People with coronavirus have had a wide range of symptoms, as reported. Fever, is one of the most common symptoms. Thermography is a suitable tool to screen the individuals in public spaces who are suspected of suffering from the coronavirus.


S.E.TECHNOLOGIES, developed contactless temperature detection camera, [Ken-On Vision] combined with vision imaging technology, deploying the advanced facial recognition algorithm. With cutting-edge technology, we stands with everyone to keep our community safe from invisible threats.



Fast Tracking and Accurate Measurements by A.I.


Ken-On Visions uses face tracking by A.I algorithm, focuses on forehead temperature detection to ensure accurate measurements.

In order to maintain the hardware accuracy, Ken-On Vision can be set to automatically calibrate. Body temperature of people, with surgical mask also can be detected properly.

Easy Installation



Ken-On Vision integrated a dual sensor thermal imaging system, no installation construction and setting are required. Just simply power on the hardware, system started to run.


Safe and Contactless



By installing on a standalone device, the potential risk of security personnel can be reduced. If a heightened temperature is detected, the system sets off an alarm and signal icon on the tablet to alert the management. It can save time for both administration and security personnel to enhance operation efficiency

Detection for Multiple People Simultaneously


System scans large number of people simultaneously, in public places like airports, shopping mall, stadium, and public transit hub.

System offers a privacy mode selection, you can select the level of privacy you need.


Face recognition function


Ken-On VISION has a face recognition function. User registration for about 10,000 people is possible Measurement records for each user can be output as an EXCEL file for attendance, attendance, entry and exit.

Customs Designed Application


Ken-On Vision has customs designed application, which is user friendly. Operator do not need to learn application language. Just touch the tablet panel, anyone can manage and operate the system.


Tablet Specification
OS Android 8.1.0
Internal Memory EMMC 16GB (Max 128G)
Display Size 15.6 type
Touchscreen Type G+G capacitive touchscreen
(10 touch at same time)
HDMI Output 4K/1080p
Speaker Output L/R Stereo output 8? x 3W
Input Jack USB 2.0x1 USB 3.0x1 Type Cx1
RJ45LAN Connector for camera x1 HDMI x1
Power DC12 V 2A
Dimension 383 x 239 x 55.9mm
Temperature   Detection Camera Specification
Temp. Detection Range 32℃~42℃
Accuracy ±0.5℃ (Temp. range 32℃~42℃, Under Certain Condition ±0.3℃)
Calibration Use Reference Heating Element, automatically calibrate
Speed ~1s
Distance under 3m, Most suitable distance 1~1.5m
Network modules RJ45LAN Connector for Internet x1, WI-FI,Bluetooth(Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will be available in future updates)
Operating Temperature 10℃~40℃ (Most suitable temp. 15℃~32℃)
★Indoor use ONLY.
Operating Guarantee Temperature -20℃~60℃
Operating Guarantee Humidity < 80% (no dew condensation)
Face Recognition Stored in database of the hardware
Face Recognition Mode Face temp. can be detected, recognize face by matching with the   database's stored data
Face Recognition Distance Under 3m
Face Recognition Angle From Front
Face Recognition Data Qty Up to 10,000 people


Q1: Can it be used outdoors?

A1: We do not recommend as it is not designed for outdoor use. The system should be

       housed to avoid the damages from wind and rain.

       Also the subjects should also stay in the same housing for accuracy. Direct sunlight and

       objects heated by the sunlight could cause inaccuracy.


Q2: How many people can be registered for face recognition?

A2: About 10,000 people is a standard.


Q3: What if the measurement result is abnormally high?

A3: You need to power off the system and restart.

     Wait for 5 minutes after restart to make sure the temperature measurement is normal.


Q4: What if the image is not displayed after startup?

A4: You need to restart the system.?If the image is not displayed even after restarting,

     disconnect camera cables from the tablet PC.

      Connect camera cables back to the tablet PC and restart the system.


Q5: Is it possible to measure when the subject's forehead is covered?

A5: The subject must have an exposed forehead.


Q6: How far can the subject measure?

A6: The subject should be 1m to 1.5m away from the camera.


Q7: What should I do if I find a person with abnormal body temperature while operating


A7: This unit is not a medical device.?It must be re-measured with temperature measuring

       device for medical use.


Q8: How long can the main unit be operated?

A8: We recommend that you restart the system once a week.


Q9: What should I do if the main unit is forcibly terminated?

A9: Please wait for the unit to restart automatically.?If the system does not start in 1 minute,

       restart the system.


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